With this capsule, which main pattern reminds the particular skin of the rhino, from which the evocative naming, concretely undertakes to support one of the most important NGOs for the protection of the specie.


Today 5 of the 30 endangered species live in Asia and Africa, including the rhinoceros, in its three different species: the Indian rhinoceros, the Javan rhinoceros and Sumatra. In total, today there are only 3,200 specimens living in small isolated areas, of these those of Java are only 60 units, at risk of extinction.

Design upgrade of the iconic Irori, style that takes inspiration from the underground culture, mixing details and shapes from the skate and basketball universes, and that aims to have a design and a high performing product Is one of the most Pop capsule of the all FW2122

Irori Rhino - Violet Mango >
Irori Rhino - Liuk >

A double texture thanks to the use of different materials, the “hammered” corn leather and the “eco-suede”, Dinamica® the vegan Made in Italy microfiber produced with recycled polyester fibres from plastic bottles and t-shirts, through a water productive cycle without the use of solvents.

Irori Rhino - Almond Milk >
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Save Rhinos, To Save People,
To Save Tomorrow.

“Our vision is about the conservation of viable Black and White Rhino breeding populations in protected areas through community involvement and the integration of sustainable solutions. Our mission are the rescue, rehabilitation, rewilding, release, and ongoing protection of this key stone species. “


Care For Wild needs an extra help and Yatay takes the front line, pledging to support a small part of their incredible work through the new Rhino collection. For every pair of Irori RHINOs sold online, Yatay will automatically donate one month of adoption of an orphaned or struggling baby rhino.

With your help, Care For Wild will be able to keep going with its wonderful mission of defending these poor animals and fighting the illegal horn trade. Help us to help them live their best lives by adopting and supporting one of these rhinos on their road to recovery.

Adopt a rhino