“The art of sharing lies at the core of this collaboration between Yatay and Hadoro.
Our goal is to share Yatay’s green technology with Hadoro’s sophisticated design and start a revolution.

Umberto de Marco (Yatay) & Gualtiero Giori (Hadoro)

Hadoro x Yatay | Loghi

Who is

Founded in 2012 in Paris, Hadoro is a luxury leather goods tech accessories brand specialized in customizing iPhone & AirPods cases, iPhone & Airpods and tech accessories made of fine leathers, precious metals and gems. As the leading atelier in its market, the company designs, sources, and handcrafts the world’s finest personal accessories, ensuring that every decision and every detail is an exquisite expression of the person who chooses to carry a Hadoro creation. Hadoro’s vision is to combine the excellence of high technology with the precision and beauty of fine jewelry, creating entirely bespoke personal tech accessories. Our core philosophy is to transform everyday personal devices into unique pieces of art that will adorn its owner and affirm his or her successful lifestyle.

Who is

The fashion industry, like any other, cannot ignore its environmental footprint anymore. At Yatay we sought to create shoes that embrace the environment through ethical practices and innovation. Since 2018, we are committed to the production of 100% eco sustainable and green sneakers, as well as high quality manufacturing. Eco materials such as wood, corn, rubber and bio polyols are the main ingredients in order to respect the environment of where we live every day, planet Earth.

Hadoro x Yatay | About

AboutA Vegan Revolution

A revolution is happening on Planet Earth. Every day more people are approaching a healthy, but above all ethical, lifestyle. The fashion industry certainly cannot exempt itself from this innovative and eco-sustainable process. Here lies the reason for this collaboration. Hadoro does not give up on style, it converges with Yatay for an exclusive, luxurious, and cruelty free product.


Our brand new Hadoro Earth collection is created with an innovative sustainable material that originates from cereals and recycled plastic bottles. This sophisticated fabric has a high abrasion resistance and it is very light in weight, almost half of its leather equivalent. The croco’s look and unique silky touch are obtained through a handcrafted manufacturing process 100% Made in Italy.

Hadoro x Yatay | Materials

Yellow Crocodile

Hadoro x Yatay | Materials

The Case. The Combo.

Hadoro and Yatay wanted to create two objects. A cover, the flagship product of the Parisian maison, and a pair of sneakers for the Milanese startup.
A marriage of luxury and sustainability.

The texture is Hadoro, the material is Yatay.
At the touch, would you ever be able to distinguish them from real leather?

Where to get the combo

E-Commerce Platforms

Retail exlusive spot

These two new collabs, in addition to their respective e-commerce, will be sold in two locations whose fame precedes them, Harrods, the London luxury department store and Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world. In debuting these two brand new luxury products, we could only aim for the most-exclusive shop windows.