The creative concept of the rebrand was born from the belief that it is not just what we say, but how we say it. The video underlines and redefines YATAY’s brand identity - already unique and recognisable - but now featuring a new distinctive personality that is immediately identifiable: Fun, but not silly. Smart, but not stodgy. Weird, but not inappropriate.

The video, with contemporary editing and a characteristic voiceover that emulates the American commercials of the 1960’s, is an innovative story that offers insight into the philosophy of the brand and reveals the production process behind every single pair of YATAY shoes, in an artistic way.

“A contemporary pop, aesthetic alongside contrasting”

The use of sound in the video is key to defining the brand vision; surreal, engaging and captivating. A contemporary ‘pop’ aesthetic alongside contrasting, warm and welcoming colours tells the powerful visual story of the materials, production cycle and transformation process - all summarised through dynamic macro-shots, alternating between industrial and stylised images.