This is the ad hoc campaign dedicated to the first capsule to be unveiled, the Neven Low Suede, made of in Dinamica® vegan microfiber. A romantic, yet contemporary image, which tells us about the rediscovery of freedom and love. After a year of forced estrangement, a couple of young people in love in love return to live in their city. A sweet vintage melancholy pervades the atmosphere of this narrated this narrative, simple and direct, where the two rediscover the historic alleys of a Florence that slowly slowly awakens, embracing and smiling without fear. Translated with (free version)

Yatay Suede, a sneaker with clean and linear design in vintage colours, is perfect for a casual look which is still ultra-attentive to detail, with the lively colours enhancing even the most classic items of clothing for a unique style. Strong and lively colours are used in the models Waves (turquoise) and Sunset Dream (orange), while softer hues emerge for Beach Lover (cream), Joshua Tree (sage green) and Night Sky (grey-black). All the models have unbleached hemp laces or coordinated eco-suede laces.

Neven Suede - Black Star
Neven Suede - Sunset dream
Neven Suede - Night Sky
Neven Suede - Joshua Tree
Neven Suede - Waves
Neven Suede - Beach Lover