The fashion industry, like any other, can not ignore its environmental footprint anymore. At Yatay we sought to create shoes that embrace the environment through ethical practices and innovation. Since 2018 is committed in the production of 100% eco sustainable and green sneakers, as well as high quality manufacturing. Eco materials such as wood, corn, rubber and bio polyols are the main ingredients in order to respect the environment of where we live every day, planet Earth.

Umberto De Marco, Founder - Yatay

Yatay | Logo
Yatay | Logo


Founded in 2018, No More Plastic is a non-profit Foundation in "start-up mode" to the service of the only ocean that covers this planet - to generate public awareness about plastic pollution, advocate the need for alternatives to single-use plastic products and foster innovative solutions to invent the future of consumption. No More Plastic is also a brand who develops alternative solutions to replace plastic in our consumption. And through the No More Plastic Kids program, educate the new generation about plastic pollution and solutions because they are the citizens, entrepreneurs, leaders, and inventors of tomorrow.

Rosalie Mann, Founder - No More Plastic